Writing a script helps you later on in the filming phase. When writing, be aware that you will have to use the language and examples that fit your target group. Also, don’t forget to use spoken language: read the written phrases out loud and judge whether you would actually use them this way.

A good video consists of a few elements, those are listed below. You are however free to judge whether these are necessary (in this order) for your own video. For inspiration on the videos you can watch examples on our page “onze wetenschappers“. Your video should be around 2 minutes.

  1. Logo

    ScientistWanted logo: we will attach this logo to your video.

  2. Teaser

    A teaser is a stimulating message to get people interested in your video. For example, you can use the phrase “Did you know that… “, “Were you always wondering…”. Get people curious to find an answer to this question.

    Duration: 10-15 seconds


  3. Introduction

    Introduce yourself with your name, research topic and University/Institute. In this part, you should be visible.
    Duration: 10 seconds

  4. Main

    The core of your video will be your core message and some information around this message. This part should at least contain point 1, and possibly some additional points.

    1. What is your core message: Which problem do you solve with what solution?
    2. Why is that relevant?
    3. Example of the problem and/or solution
    4. What did you use (or will you use) to find the solution?
    5. What are the main results?
    6. Back to the core message
      Duration: 30-45 seconds, 65-100 words
  5. Motivation

    What drives you to do this research? This is important for the viewer to get an idea who you are. Please note that this is something that you don’t often tell in a scientific story and it therefore might feel unnatural. Therefore, use enough time to fit this in properly. Answer one of the following questions: Who are you doing this research? What inspired you? Where did your passion start? What was the moment in your PhD that you would not have wanted to miss out on?

    Good examples can be found in the videos of Yvonne Smit and Sandy Overgaauw.
    Duration: about 15 seconds, 30 words

  6. Target group

    For what target groups would you be willing to speak?
    Duration: 10 seconds

  7. Credits

    Credits to the people that have helped making the video.

  8. Logo

    ScientistWanted logo: see 1.

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