You are a scientist and you like to talk about it. But why? And with whom? And why should anyone know more about your work? Before making your video, it is important to get that clear. With your goal and target group in mind, you can make a much clearer video.

Your goal

You want to tell about your research to a broad audience. The reasons for this might differ. For example, you want to contribute to a societal debate; you want to give knowledge back to society, you just like to talk about your work, or you want to increase your reputation. Whatever the reason, having this clear it is much easier to find your target audience. Use this week to define your goal. If you have multiple goals, define which goal is your main goal.

Your target group

Your goal and target group are clearly connected. Whom do you need to target in order to reach your goal? You can clearly see that the target group defines the message in the video. For example, take a look at the difference in the videos of Merle Stellingwerf and Yvonne Smit (in Dutch). Merle wants to advise new patients; Yvonne wants to fuel the fascination of a young target group. Define, based on your goal, who your main target group is.

If you have defined your target group, answer the following 4 questions:

  • What doe they already know?
  • What do they care about?
  • What language do you need to reach them?
  • What can they do with the knowledge that you have?

Core message

You will now, based on the goal and target group, define your core message. You might have already defined a core message during the pitch training. If so, adapt your core message based on the clearer picture that you have now regarding your goal and target group. To get your core message clear, answer the following 2 questions:

  • What problem does your research solve?
  • What solution do you offer?

You can expand on this by writing a short summary by using the words “and, but, therefore, so that…”. A summary using this words might look like this: Coffee works effectively as a quick boost and it also increases our focus, but we don’t know why (problem). Therefore, we do research to human brain cells under the influence of caffeine, so that we can give better advise on the use of caffeinated products (solution).

Your core message will take up most of your video. Spend enough time on getting it right!

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